Bring your Global Air Charter Payments together

Keeping up with your global air charter payments can be an everyday stress. Especially when dealing with different banks, currencies, and time zones on multiple platforms. That’s why Avinode Group created Paynode.

Bring your air charter payments together in one place

Paynode is another business aviation essential from Avinode Group, bringing air charter payments together in one place. It’s fully integrated into buying, selling, and managing trips. Everything is taken care of in one single workflow. Saving you time, money, and stress in the process.

Paynode brings air charter payments together in one easy workflow in Avinode

Build relationships and work worldwide in a safe and efficient way with members like Air Hamburg, Leviate Jet Management, Solarius Aviation, and 300 other Avinode members. Perfect for charters sales operators as well as brokers

Broker Operator
Make and receive payments instantly

Avinode members can send and receive payments to each other within seconds, and reconcile every payment easily within a secure and trusted network.

…And relax with an instant notification

As soon as a payment is received, a notification is sent to both parties. This means everyone is kept in the loop and you can relax, knowing exactly where the money is 24 hours a day and 7 days per week.

Keep your finance in flight

Paynode provides you with online currency accounts in your name so that you can settle payments faster. This helps to keep your funds available and working for you around the world.

Watch and learn about Paynode

By credit card, wire transfer, or instant payment, you can close deals more securely than ever. Everything is taken care of in one easy workflow. Saving you time, money, and stress in the process.

Book a demo session

Book a free demo to get a tour of the platform with a team member, showing you what Paynode looks like in action, and answering any questions of yours.

Our payment platform comes with FX conversions

Make easy conversions between your currency accounts. There is no transaction fee and transparent and competitive rates. Instant notifications mean better visibility of available funds. And you can easily manage the access rights for your organization.

What our customers say about Paynode

Our customers are all facing different challenges when it comes to air charter payments. What they do have in common is that Paynode has made them feel more comfortable with their charter sales workflow.


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Some of our Paynode members

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