Push industry boundaries with Avinode APIs

Data is a powerful and value-creating resource when it’s used in clever ways.

Connect to our database

As the largest marketplace for air charter in the world, Avinode’s database is vast, detailed, and flexible. Connect to it! Avinode APIs enable you to use Avinode’s data in various ways to generate leads, insights, and business opportunities.

A powerful charter search tool

Let customers search for their own flights on your website by connecting data from the Avinode Marketplace to your own customized search tool. Give them the power and convenience of click-to-book private charter and see the results in your bottom line.

Better, quicker decisions with data

Enable a new level of performance by setting up real-time data flows between Avinode and your internal systems.

Among other possibilities, you can enable your sales team to view real-time data about available aircraft, empty legs, requests and quotes – all without leaving your company’s CRM.


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Get going with your API

Our tech team is ready to help you get everything set up. Before we get started, please read through these lists to see if you have the capacity required to make your API a success.


To implement an Avinode API, you need:

  • To be an Avinode member in good standing
  • Developers with a working knowledge of REST web services

  • A server environment that supports PHP, JSP, ASP or ASP.NET


Expect the following investment of resources:

  • 4-6 months of project planning, development and testing
  • Participation of management in project specifications

  • Ongoing monthly Avinode API subscription cost

  • Cost to use an internal software developer or hire an external development company


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