Step into the fast lane

Takeoff Ready for that last-minute trip

More often than not in business aviation, trips need to come together quickly. After all, greater flexibility and the ability to fly whenever is a core reason private charter is so valuable to end clients.

Given that this time urgency is so frequent, we created Takeoff Ready, which serves as a “fast lane” in Avinode that brokers and operators can make use of whenever they need.

Takeoff Ready in action

Takeoff Ready is a search in Avinode that will display aircraft that are cleared and ready to fly within the next 96 hours. By ticking the Takeoff Ready box, only aircraft that fulfill this ready-to-go criteria show up in the Avinode Search results.

This serves as a fantastic way for operators to sell short-term availability, maximizing uptime for aircraft that would otherwise be sitting on the tarmac. Brokers get to cut right to the chase – only reviewing aircraft that can actually service the flight they’re after.

There’s no time to waste, after all.

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What others think.

“We are very excited at the possibilities this function is going to open to us both on the Buying and the Selling side. It’s something we are all trying to do each day within the Wholesale Community so to have a streamlined, universal process on a platform we all use daily is going to save us all time and enable us to all be more effective and increase bookings.”

– Erin Donnelly, Jet linx

“As with most of Avinode, it’s straightforward and very user friendly. It only takes a few moments for me to go through and verify “Takeoff Ready” for the entire fleet.”

– Nathan Batty, Jet Select

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