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Avinode operates a wholesale Marketplace that connects the services of certified air charter professionals across the globe.

Who can be a member?

Our membership criteria help us gather relevant information about our members’ business. Our objective is to maintain Avinode as a trusted network for professionals in the air charter industry.

Aircraft and Helicopter Operators
holding a current and valid Aircraft Operating Certificate or Part 135 Certificate issued by their national authority. An operator can be represented by a Marketing Agent through an exclusive agreement between parties.

Brokers or Professional Buyers
acting on behalf of an end client, either a corporation or an individual, to charter an aircraft or helicopter.

Membership Criteria

In our member application process, we verify that your company meets our criteria. This includes your company;

  • provides legal charter flights for pax and/or purchases pax charter on behalf of third parties;
  • demonstrates that charter is a significant and public component of the company’s overall business;
  • has a professional understanding of the air charter industry, ideally is a member of a recognized charter industry body such as ACA or ACANA;
  • complies with all relevant national and international laws, rules and regulations;
  • is not insolvent or under administration, or in bankruptcy;
  • must possess a valid business registration in the country that it operates from;
  • provides a legal company name, a URL to a live company website, and a business registered email address;
  • passes Avinode Group’s compliance process – Know Your Business.

Getting started

Our team guides you through each step of the process to become an Avinode member. This process is estimated to take approximately 30 days;

  • fill out the membership application (below).
  • meet with your Account Manager to confirm our solution fits your needs.
  • complete our registration form.
  • submit the information and documents in the verification form for review.
  • once approved – sign the membership agreement.
  • your membership fee has been paid and received.

Congratulations! You and your team are ready to start onboarding.

Verification Process

This part of our member application process confirms the identity and compliance of the company and individuals involved. Our aim is to create more trust and confidence between the members of our professional network. To achieve this we need to put verifications in place that ensure our members meet these standards.

We will ask you for information that enables us to;

  • verify that your business legally exists.
  • understand your corporate structure.
  • identify and verify who controls and owns your business.

Please note that all information provided is completely secure and will only be viewed by those parties necessary for the verification and approval process.

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Whether you’re ready to join or have a few more questions first, please fill out the form below. We are happy to give you a personalized walk-through and get you going with your account.