Odyssey Airways Experiences Growth as Part 135 Operator

12 Oct 2023

We take a look at how one of our customers, Odyssey Airways, grew their business after transitioning from a corporate flight department to a Part 135 operator.

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Who is Odyssey Airways

Odyssey Airways LLC, originally established as a corporate flight department in 2006 and based in Tampa, Florida, has evolved into a trusted partner for private jet brokers seeking exceptional service and flexibility. In 2013, Odyssey Airways achieved a significant milestone when it obtained its Part 135 certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), officially becoming an on-demand air carrier. Read more about Odyssey Airways

In 2016, they forged a valuable partnership with Avinode Group, a move that significantly streamlined their quoting workflow. “At Odyssey Airways, we understand the unique needs of private jet brokers. Our commitment to adaptability, efficiency, and collaborative technology sets us apart as a reliable partner in the world of private air travel. We invite private jet brokers to experience the Odyssey difference and discover the advantages of working with a partner dedicated to making every mission a success,” says Ryan Gucwa.

The Situation: Expanding the business and winning deals

Like all operators in the charter business, speed is key to success. As Odyssey transitioned from a corporate flight department to a part 135 operator, they had to build a process that included trip sheets, formal quotes, contracts, and everything else that came with chartering a flight. While their ambition was to get quotes out the door and win deals quickly, their process was still very manual.

Ryan Gucwa, founder of Odyssey Airways, recognized that their quoting process was extremely manual and time-consuming. He would track expenses and create pricing in sheets, convert to PDF to improve its appearance, and then send the quotes via email. As they got busier, his personal life began to be impacted as he tried to get quotes out quickly.

“I knew if I didn’t get them out quickly enough, we wouldn’t get the deal. “

Signing up for Avinode helped the company reach a new audience and generate quotes much quicker. But with more trips came new challenges, including but not limited to managing paperwork for each trip, such as contracts, trip sheets, and more. With all this new business, it became apparent they needed to simplify and streamline their daily operations.

The Solution: Maximize efficiency with tools designed to simplify operations

Odyssey Airways was able to grow its business and maximize its efficiency by:

Reaching new customer segments.

Using Avinode allowed them to quickly reach a new subset of brokers and generate additional business that allowed them to grow their business. As the world’s largest and most advanced air charter sales and sourcing platform, Avinode is where the bizav industry connects daily.
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Streamlining the charter sales workflow.

For operators of all sizes, speed is key when converting quotes to trips. As of September 2023, Odyssey Airways has sent over 12,000 quotes, an increase of 42% over the same period in 2022. With Schedaero, the team at Odyssey Airways could execute more quotes in less time than it previously took by automating and streamlining the process. Schedaero allows users to improve their workflow when converting quotes to booked trips. Thanks to this workflow, Odyssey saw an increase of 28% in booked trips from 2022.

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Keeping pilots informed.

While growing, Odyssey could see how Schedaero made communications between teams easier. Once trips are booked, dispatch can inform pilots of assigned trips seamlessly via the Crew App. The app notifies pilots of the upcoming trip and provides them with all the important information, such as the passenger details, trip sheets, and itinerary. Additionally, pilots can utilize the Schedaero Crew App to update duty and flight logs on their iOS devices from anywhere. Once updated, operators can view it at any one of their bases of operations.

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A workflow with integrated payments.

Payment fraud is not unusual in the business aviation industry due to its high-value transactions and time-sensitive nature. Odyssey Airways was once the subject of attempted fraud for nearly $80,000, ending with the company closing its bank account to avoid future fraud. This experience led the company to start using Avinode Group’s integrated payment solution, Paynode. This solution provides you with online currency accounts in your name to settle payments faster. This helps keep your funds available and working for you worldwide.

Avoid fraud with integrated payments

Providing a better and easier booking experience.

Odyssey Airlines highlighted a common problem in the industry: working in multiple systems to complete the booking means there are more places for payments or tasks to fall through the cracks and be forgotten. Our newest development allows users to showcase their offer to clients through a digital end-to-end experience while they keep track of bookings and payment information – all in one place.

Existing members should reach out their CSM to learn more. New customers can get in contact with us today!

Ryan said, “We did have some instances where we were chasing down transactions that were missed in the process. Now, it’s all gathered in one place and in an online booking experience, which means there are fewer ways for things to slip through the cracks, and that’s been helpful on our side.”

Avinode Group is a partner in success for quoting and booking.

“Avinode was a game-changer because it gave me the problem of having too many quotes and made me realize I was not working in an efficient way. Schedaero really helped me create trip sheets and quotes that look professional, including my terms and conditions. As the company has grown and we’ve added more pilots, I’ve realized how great it is that the Crew App helps me relay information to pilots.“

Ryan Gucwa,
Founder, Odyssey Airways, LLC.

More about Odyssey Airways

With a well-maintained fleet of four aircraft, Odyssey Airways takes pride in its unique approach to private air travel. Unlike traditional carriers, Odyssey does not adhere to rigid flight schedules. Instead, they empower their customers with the freedom to fly on their own schedules, offering unparalleled flexibility and convenience.

Beyond their owned aircraft, Odyssey boasts an extensive network of partner aircraft, ranging from helicopters to jets. This expansive network ensures they can meet the demands of private jet brokers and their clients promptly. Whether it’s a last-minute charter request or a planned mission, Odyssey Airways is equipped to deliver on-time, reliable service to destinations across the globe.

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