Optimize your charter profits!

Maximize your profits without doing unnecessary work. Let us help you optimize your aircraft settings to focus on the right requests and the right customers.

Be successful in Avinode

Would you like to utilize every available charter flight hour and keep your charter team busy with quality requests? Here are some helpful hints on how to do just that. Read on to set yourself up for success.

Show off your aircraft

Make a compelling first impression. Brokers can browse the photos and information you upload for each aircraft and answer their questions by reading the list of accompanying amenities. Make sure your photos are up to date and that they present your aircraft in the best possible way.


Set the right price

How you set up your pricing plays a large role when brokers are searching for tails in Avinode, and it’s a key to a successful client relationship. With an up-to-date pricing profile, you will spend less time quoting by receiving more quality requests while offering better pricing transparency to your buyers.

And you know you can easily benchmark your price amongst more than 3400 aircraft listed on Avinode Marketplace.

More on pricing


Make every hour count by utilizing our tools to sell short-term availability and maximize uptime for aircraft that would otherwise be sitting on the tarmac.

Takeoff Ready

Promote your aircraft as ready to fly within the next 96 hours.

Display Takeoff Ready

Promote empty legs

Market a scheduled trip’s positioning legs as empty legs.

Sell your empty leg

Trip Board

Use our bulletin board to deal with last-minute cancellations.

Find a replacement flight

Make the most of your pricing profiles

Your pricing profiles allow you to curate your flight charges with standard line items, the ability to create your own, add custom rules and much more.

Peak season rates

Seasons change, and so do your rates. It is really easy to apply different pricing profiles for different seasons and events.

Adjust your seasonal pricing


Last minute requests

Add an urgent rate for any request for a flight departing within 65 hours.

Pricing for late requests

Airport landing fee

It’s easy to add a country or airport-specific landing fee; you can apply rates on arrival or departure.

Handling landing fees

Managing aircraft availability

Give time back to your charter sales team by adding aircraft rules to help the team focus on trips they want to service and support.

We are also here to help you maximize the availability of your managed fleet.

Not Takeoff ready 

Takeoff ready can also be used to block aircraft availability up to 96 hours out.

Limit your availability

Short hops

To block short cycle or shot hops, use our short cycle rule.

Set your shot hops availability

Repositioning rules

You can block trip requests with excessive repositioning using our excessive repositioning rule.

Decide your repositioning strategy

Set time limits

Set up time limits using the maximum days out rule to limit the amount of requests received during a specific period or the minimum hours out rule to restrict last-minute requests.

Transient availability

If you don’t want to sell transient availability you can block requests when the aircraft is sitting transient with our transient restriction rule.

Handle transient availability

Geographical areas

Restrict geographical areas down to airports from which you can get requests.

Choose geographical availability