The 3 key benefits of software integrations in air charter.

21 Feb 2024

William Sjöqvist joined Avinode Group to further improve our integration offer and create a flexible solution that allows our members to leverage their own data. Get his best advice on how operators and brokers can simplify their workflow and turn their data into knowledge.

Data is at the heart of making a business aviation trip come together, and we’re passionate about bringing solutions to our members that ensure the data can flow seamlessly. I’ve identified three essential benefits with integrations between your business aviation software to help you and your team be more successful.

Software integrations make it easier to communicate with your team.

1. A closed loop for your trip data.

Reducing the number of third-party software you use is difficult, considering that business aviation companies often use many tools to handle different aspects of making a trip come together.

It’s different tools for marketing, operations, payments, and logistics to mention a few. Keeping your teams updated with all the latest information about a trip is challenging when data is held in different places.

Discussing integrations between your systems with your software provider is crucial. When your systems “talk” to each other, it changes the game of keeping everyone in your organization informed about the latest status of a trip. You can reach a new level of efficiency!

2. Create a unique customer experience.

Most software providers, including us, provide integrations with other commonly used tools in the same field. These plug-and-play solutions are a great way to be quickly up and running with time-saving solutions.

An customer-facing application built with Avinode APIs.

Using one of our ready-made integrations is an easy way to speed up your workflow, and create a seamless experience for your customer. Building a custom solution with our APIs, however, requires more from you to build a secure and stable solution. Still, if you have those capabilities, it opens up many opportunities to build a unique experience for your customers or your internal teams.

3. Handling customer data in a secure way.

We know that our members are increasingly aware of security risks when handling sensitive data. Cybercriminals today are more sophisticated than before, and a weak link in your workflow can be when sharing data with third-party software.

An excellent way to mitigate this risk is to ensure your third-party tools are connected and can work together. In dialogue with other software providers, we set requirements on each integration we build to make it as secure as possible.

As a final note, I encourage all of our members to explore the new technologies that are emerging. This is an exciting field and developments happen quickly. We see more and more use cases emerging where artificial intelligence is being leveraged in our industry, for example to help clients in the initial phase of scheduling a trip. However, business and private aviation is a high-touch industry founded on human relationships that technology will have a hard time replacing.

Nevertheless, creating a smoother charter workflow, with robust integrations and automation, can make a huge difference in efficiency and security and give you more time to spend on your customer relationships.

Leverage your own data!

Data is at the heart of everything we do. We turn data into essential knowledge – knowledge that can then be translated directly into results.

As well as using it to create our suite of tools, we’re happy to give our customers the direct benefit of working with our database. Find out how our APIs can be used to incorporate all our data into your own digital platforms, or utilize our web apps for a simple, off-the-shelf solution to get more leads.

As well as offering integrations with many Flight Management Systems, operators working with our flight operations software, Schedaero, get a variety of ready-to-go integrations already from start.